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   Symantec patches Veritas NetBackup flaw [06/06/16 03:42AM]   
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Symantec has patched an authentication bypass vulnerability in Veritas NetBackup PureDisk, a backup system for remote offices. In an advisory sent to customers of its DeepSight Threat Management Service, Symantec said attackers could exploit the flaw to bypass the management interface authentication and gain elevated privileges to the affected server.

Attackers could...

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   Time to Change Your Real Estate Strategy [06/06/16 03:39AM]   
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We have all heard it. The real estate bubble has burst or is at the very least deflating. Homeowners in approximately two-thirds of the country are watching their home equity melt away. While bemoaning the fact your equity loss is painful, there is still time to look sensibly for housing deals and act accordingly if we begin reassessing how we view real estate.


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   Separation Equipment [03/06/16 10:21AM]   
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Are you tired of paying a fortune to have an independent company separate your waste? Do you need an economical solution for separating chemicals, and contaminates from your waste? If so, there are many options available today. Separation equipment can be rented or Hidden...

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   How To Avail Car Loans After Bankruptcy [03/06/16 10:15AM]   
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There are many people who live without incurring any debts and still struggle with their old car. They keep on repairing their old cars and live with them. The bad thing is that they will one day be in trouble with the old car and then will search for all possible means of buying a new car.

Cars Hidden...

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   Celebrity Perfume [03/06/16 06:40AM]   
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Celebrity perfumes are a result of cooperation between perfume companies and celebrity in the attempt to make a special and unique scent of their own, which portrays their way of life and mindset.

Celebrities launching their own perfume lines are not new phenomena. They team up with What Is a Picture in Picture Car...

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